Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fragrance also known as a pleasant scent

Fragrance, also known as a pleasant scent, can be most pleasant and alluring to the opposite sex and there are many fragrances to choose from such as Floral. Floral scents are created from flowers such as gardenias, roses and carnations. These type of flowers are often blended together to create a lovely and distinctive bouquet.

Oriental fragrances are a mixture of amber, spice and resins and they have an aroma of warmth and sensuality. These fragrances are enjoyed mostly in the winter months.

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Citrus fragrances come from citrus fruits such as lemon, lime, tangerine and mandarin. They have a refreshing aroma and work best for women who don’t want a fragrance that is too bold or overpowering. Chypre is another type of fragrance and has an aroma of citrus, oak moss and bergamot. The aroma is earthy and sweet.

To conclude, fragrances can add beauty and sensuality to those who wear them and they also add a sense of mystery and wonder, too.

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